Peggy breaks the news to Phil that her cancer has spread and she’s planning to stop her treatment. Determined to convince Peggy not to give up, Phil brings the family round to see her. After they leave, Phil begs Peggy to fight, confessing to her about his own diagnosis. Despite Phil’s plea to keep fighting, Peggy gently reminds him that there’s nothing more she can do.

Mick tells Linda that Neville and Belinda are swingers. Taking control, Linda shares some home truths with the couple. After Linda’s words hit home for Belinda, she follows them out to their car, asking them to take her back to the Square with them. When Neville turns up looking for her, Belinda tells him it’s over. Mick punches Neville, forcing him to leave, while Belinda rents a room with Stacey.

Sonia learns that a double mastectomy is still an option as a preventative measure. Although initially keen to stick to her plan, by the time she’s back home, Sonia is having second thoughts. Drowning her worries at The Vic, Sonia has to be taken home by Shirley. When a concerned Tina tries to talk to her, Sonia admits she’s not sure she can go ahead with the mastectomy now she knows she doesn’t have cancer.