Phil’s feud with Vincent get dangerous

Kim is horrified when Phil smirks as he drives over Pearl’s dropped toy. Pushed to breaking point, Kim joins forces with Sharon to sort things out between the two families. Arranging for Vincent and Phil to meet up, the ladies hope that the feud will end once and for all. Despite Sharon begging Phil to call a halt to things, Phil can’t let it drop, tricking his way into Vincent’s house in a bid to destroy him and his happy family.

Jane is still in pain after her fall down the stairs. Determined to not let it get to her, Jane invites Ben and the Mitchells for Christmas dinner at the Beales’ to make it special for Kathy. When Phil refuses to go, a frustrated Ben tells his dad he can do what he wants, as he’s going with Abi.

Spiralling even further down, Phil takes a bottle of Scotch from the Minute Mart, spotted by Shirley, who tries to talk some sense into him. Unable to deal with Phil, Sharon tells her hubby that she’s going to the Beales’, too.

Stacey and Kush are feeling nervous, preparing to tell their other halves the truth about the baby. When Shabnam gets upsetting news, Kush has second thoughts, realising that now is not the time. Kush attempts to get to Stacey before she can tell Martin.

Also, Linda plots to reunite Mick and Shirley with some festive cheer in The Vic’s Christmas Grotto.