Phil is in a bad way following the crash and is airlifted to hospital. An injured Carl tells the police that his brakes didn’t seem to work. When the police arrive in the Square and break the news to Billy about the accident, everyone is shocked. Max refuses to cancel Jack’s party, saying Phil brought it on himself as he warned him about Carl. As Max toasts Jack’s birthday they’re interrupted by the police, who arrest Max on suspicion of causing criminal damage with intent to endanger life…

When Shirley turns up at Phil’s to demand her money and he’s not there, she sends him a text. After hearing about the accident, she steps in to support his family. Sharon finds Phil’s gate open and sees Shirley inside. With Shirley’s opportunity to take what she wants now gone, Shirley locks up the house.

Kat intercepts when Ollie arrives at the Vic, telling him to meet her in the cafe. Interrogating Ollie about his feelings for Jean, Kat is unconvinced when Ollie pleads with her to talk to her for him. Waiting for Jean, Ollie is surprised when Kat comes back instead. When Ollie can’t answer after Kat asks how he’ll cope when things get bad, Kat tells Ollie to stay away.