Phil’s under pressure from all sides

Phil gives Shirley £1,000 to buy her silence, but Shirley’s not that easily fobbed off, demanding he triple it by evening. After pushing Max to sell more cars, Phil raises another £2,000, telling Shirley that’s her lot. Shirley makes it clear that it’s far from over. Later, Phil finds Carl parked outside his house. After telling Carl to get out of the way, Carl moves on, but it’s clear that Carl wants to unnerve Phil to get him exactly where he wants him.

Dexter is annoyed when Phil ruins his holiday plans by insisting he drop off a car for him. When Sam tells off Dexter, suggesting he should be more committed to work, Dexter is even more frustrated. Sam later apologises, revealing to Dexter he has a plan that means Dexter can still go on holiday and drop off the car.

After Lauren confides in Kirsty about Abi’s bad exam results, Kirsty breaks the news to Max. A furious Max storms into the Vic, interrupting Abi, Jay, Dexter and Lola as they celebrate their holiday plans. Accusing Jay of being a distraction, Max bans Abi from going away. Lauren talks Max round, revealing she’s found a way for Abi to study to be a vet despite her bad grades.