After Ricky hears Ash has run off, she tracks him down and gives him a piece of her mind. Ricky drags him back to the Share House to see Phoebe and Ash admits he’s scared, but he’ll support her. Afterwards, Ricky tells Phoebe she must tell Kyle.

Later, Phoebe and Ash walk in on Ricky having an intense phone call regarding Kyle. Later, Ricky and Phoebe fly to Melbourne to discover Kyle has been beaten up and left for dead.

Roo is a bag nerves as she prepares to have dinner with James and her family, but Alf reassures her that he will be on his best behaviour. After dinner, Roo overhears Alf saying he isn’t sure if James is such a great guy, leaving Roo upset.

The next day, James and Roo meet to have an honest conversation about their relationship, and James tells Roo that nothing can scare him off. The pair has lunch with Marilyn and John and things go swimmingly.