Phoebe’s manipulative streak gets the better of her when Kyle refuses to write music with her. She recruits Matt to help her, conveniently while Kyle is working at Angelo’s. Knowing she’s hitting a nerve, Phoebe asks Matt to come round, and Kyle is not happy.

Evelyn’s acting strangely and refuses to tell Josh she isn’t ready for sex. When Evelyn sees Josh and Maddy talking in The Diner, she leaves in a huff. Sasha chases after her and urges her to be honest with Josh. Evelyn takes Sasha’s advice and tells Josh she doesn’t want to have sex, and is pleasantly surprised by his reaction.

Maddy bluntly rebuffs Oscar’s offer to be a couple again. But, when she later apologises, Oscar tells her that Evelyn and Josh spent the night together, causing Maddy more heartbreak.

Shandi tells John she’s willing to give him another chance and wants to meet Jett. Later, John lies to Marilyn and says Shandi isn’t ready to meet the family; however, his lie backfires when Marilyn and Shandi’s paths cross.