Phoebe gives Kyle an ultimatum

Phoebe is left reeling after Kyle tells her about kidnapping Casey and trying to kill him and Tamara. The next morning, Kyle tries to explain that what happened was not him, he was a different person but Phoebe admits that she’s scared of him. The pair declare their love as Phoebe reveals she can’t stay with the Braxtons. She tells Kyle that she’s moving back to Melbourne and that she wants him to come.

After Irene’s blind date cancels, Chris apologises but Irene acknowledges that his heart was in the right place. She then tells him to start concentrating on his own love life. Chris points out to Kyle that fighting with a girl is better than having no girl at all and he should fight for Phoebe. Elsewhere, Irene tries to enlist Leah’s help in finding someone to set up with Chris.

Roo tells Phoebe to stop worrying about what Kyle wants or needs and figure out what she wants. After speaking to Phoebe, Roo realises that if Harvey had stayed they would have torn each other apart. Alf tells her that if she lets her friends in, they can make moving on a bit easier.

Also, Marilyn and John make their relationship official.