Phoebe has an announcement

Will Phoebe's shock news have an impact on her relationship with Justin?

Phoebe returns from her trip to America and enjoys a romantic reunion with Justin, who suggests they start moving ahead with their wedding plans. At first, Phoebe agrees, but later she starts to have doubts. She meets up with Kat and tells her she’s been offered a 12-month touring gig in America. Later, Phoebe tells Justin about the opportunity – but he’s livid when he finds out Phoebe has already said yes, without consulting him.

Leah tells Irene that, according to Morag, VJ’s chances of winning custody of Luc are slim. Irene begins to worry now that she knows Ash has the advantage in the custody battle and makes a life-changing decision…

Also, Marilyn is still numb with shock after John’s sentencing. Morag insists they can appeal against John’s lengthy sentence. Will Marilyn be able to keep up her brave face when she visits John in prison?