Phoebe is kidnapped!

Wanting to help Vincent, Phoebe happily counts Sinead’s stolen cash. Vincent is appalled when Phoebe tells him what she’s done, but when she dangles his dreams of freedom in front of him, he’s torn. Phoebe goes to pay Trevor for Vincent’s passport, but ends up being bundled into the back of his van and held hostage.

The Roscoe boys are in financial strife again when Browning cancels the blackmail cheque. Jack is suspicious when the electricity at The Dog keeps cutting out, unaware the Roscoe boys are stealing their power for the garage.

As financial pressure mounts on Sinead she sets her eye on another rich looking gentleman at The Dog. She follows him to his car and swipes his wallet before actually going through with what she’s promised. Phoebe spots this and refers to Sinead’s scam as ‘clipping’.

Dr. Browning and Mercedes return home from their honeymoon and Myra is relieved that her daughter is safe. But Myra can’t cope with the worry anymore and after failing to split the pair up she decides to go to the police about Browning. Mercedes manages to talk her mum round and suggests they all have lunch together.