Phoebe’s horrified as she arrives at her special date with Justin to find him being carried away in the back of ambulance. As Justin’s family rally round, will his siblings blame his collapse on Phoebe?

At the hospital, Brody tells Nate that Riley cheated on Tori, and assures him that their relationship wasn’t exactly love hearts and flowers. When Nate sees how shaken Tori is over Justin’s return to hospital, Nate comforts Tori. Will the pair finally work things out?

Elsewhere in the hospital, Marilyn’s going out of her mind being stuck in a hospital bed. She talks to Nate and pleads with him to let her recover at home. Nate’s reluctant at first, but John assures him that he’ll look after Marilyn to the best of his ability.

Nate eventually gives in and Marilyn is discharged. However, John quickly realises that caring for his wife will involve more than making cups of tea…