Phoebe lies to keep Kyle happy

When Kyle realises that money has gone missing, Phoebe admits she took it but won’t tell him her reasons. Kyle accuses her of cheating on him and she throws the deposit for the flat over him. When Kyle comes home he apologises and offers her money with no questions asked. Phoebe explains that she was viewing a flat with a potential landlord making Kyle happy.

Zac tells Hannah he’s moving into a motel and she asks him to stay in the hope they can be friends. When Andy finally comes knocking, Zac tells him to get lost but Hannah hears him out and he claims he may have been set up. Meanwhile, Alf is on the prowl and wants to know why Chris is hiding from Andy. When Chris tells the truth, Alf wastes no time in telling Andy to pack his bags.

Marilyn wants to stay with Alf and Roo despite the pair sorting out their differences. With Marilyn adamant she needs to stay although Jett sleeps on the sofa and John wants to leave, is she putting her relationship in jeopardy?