Phoebe lies to save Vincent

Browning plants a photo of Phoebe in the medical file of one of his wealthy patients, Mrs. Rahj. He then convinces her that Phoebe’s her long-lost granddaughter. Phoebe is riddled with guilt when Mrs. Rahj gives her an expensive bracelet, which she uses to pay Trevor.

With so much at risk, Ste and Sinead prepare to leave Hollyoaks forever. Sinead is nervous as she gets ready to meet her target. Ste is going to record them together so they can blackmail him. The client arrives at the council flat and Ste prepares to catch them in the act, until Doug and Tony knock at the door – bad timing.

Ste slams the door in their faces and resumes his position to video Sinead and Norman. It goes to plan and they demand £5,000 by the end of the day. Ste goes to apologise to Doug and Tony and feels torn about whether he can leave without seeing his mum one last time.

Meanwhile, things heat up between George and Vincent.