Phoebe starts planning her wedding

Phoebe recruits Tori and Nate to help with wedding plans

Phoebe drags Nate and Tori into helping her plan her wedding. Nate gets extremely uncomfortable, however, and when Tori confronts him about his behaviour, he makes it clear he doesn’t want to get married again. How will this affect their relationship?

Meanwhile, after Patrick’s attack on Ash, Kat makes it clear she no longer wants Patrick staying with them. Ash asks her to give his brother another chance and goes off to talk to him. Ash finds Patrick at the beach and convinces him to come back home.

In the middle of the night, Kat finds Patrick in the hallway staring into space. She calls out to him and he starts charging towards her, only stopping when she calls him by his real name ‘Luke’. What exactly is wrong with Patrick?