Phoebe’s father is suspicious of Kyle

Phoebe’s father, Mark Nicholson, gives Kyle a hard time about the guy he used to be in Melbourne. Later, Mark finds out that Kyle has changed his name from Bennett to Braxton and gets suspicious about what made him do it. That night, Mark shows up and tells Phoebe he’s decided to stay in Summer Bay for a few more days. Unbeknownst to Phoebe and Kyle, Mark’s asked a contact to investigate Kyle’s background.

Heath arrives back from Melbourne and he still has Harley with him. He tells Irene that neither he nor Bianca can see a way to make their marriage work with Harley here, but he’s adamant that he’s not going anywhere. Despite how much they love each other Heath and Bianca realise they have to break up.

John finds it difficult letting go of Jett when he goes off to camp and as Marilyn tries to talk to him, he’s pre-occupied checking his phone to see if Jett has messaged. When giving John a palm reading, Marilyn notices that John is still wearing his wedding ring and John wonders whether it’s time to take it off. Marilyn tells him there’s no hurry, she doesn’t mind him wearing it. It should leave it until he’s sure he’s ready.