Phoebe’s offered a recording contract

Phoebe gets a call from Nieve Devlin, the music producer, and is stunned when Nieve signs her. However, when Kyle looks over the contract, he realises how little control Phoebe will have, and offers to negotiate. Calling his bluff, Nieve suggests Phoebe take the original  offer – or risk missing the biggest opportunity of her career.

Racing Sophie into hospital following her overdose, Nate realises she forged Hannah’s signiture to get access to the pills. When Sophie finally rouses, Nate tells her he’s leaving her. She tries to convince him otherwise, but when Ricky reveals Nate’s left town, Sophie breaks down.

Andy checks if Hannah’s still mad at him for trying to kiss her but she insists she’s trying to forget it. Regretting her harsh words, Hannah apologises and offers to tutor him again and he reluctantly agrees.

Marilyn and John are thrilled when Jett reveals he wants to try and become a doctor and John insists on helping him study. It becomes clear that John’s out of his depth but he’s determined to be the kind of dad that Jett can rely on.