Pierce is in a rage… over a bunch of flowers. After wrongly thinking it was Paddy who sent the blooms to Rhona, he then points the finger of blame at Liv. Seeing the lawyer in such a rage, Liv likens him to her dodgy dad Gordon which sends Pierce’s anger spiralling out of control.

Rhona tries to calm down her boyfriend, but when that fails, she runs out of the house to tell ex-husband Paddy. When she returns home to Pierce, the house is empty and there’s a note…

Sensing something is eating away at upset Belle, her boyfriend Bailey encourages her to write down her feelings in a diary. But will the tell-all journal get into the wrong hands?

Carly gives struggling Brenda a few tips on how to sell her wares. Elsewhere, Adam puts his foot in it with his broody wife Victoria when he turns down the offer of a ‘quickie’ and suggests he’d rather have a cat than a kid!