*Second episode*

With Pierce becoming increasingly controlling and paranoid, Rhona is constantly treading on eggshells around her needy boyfriend. A game of ‘truth or dare’ leads Rhona to admit her fantasy one-night stand would be Cain Dingle. Later, Pierce makes Rhona feel bad about it and then tries to become ‘Cain’, getting rough with her and pinning her to the kitchen floor!

As Debbie’s reappearance continues to cause drama in the village, Cain has words with her former lover Ross. He wants him to keep well away from his daughter – and goes so far as to offer Ross cash to make sure of it.

Meanwhile, at Home Farm, the police are investigating a theft, unaware the perpetrators are still at work.

Elsewhere, Laurel’s pushed to make a heart-breaking decision, and Lisa suggests to Zak they go public about their renewed relationship following his split with Joanie.