Pierce steals Vanessa’s phone

With the police having told Pierce they can’t help him any further with the hit and run which killed his wife, Pierce is on a mission to solve it for himself and needs to track down Kirin, who’s the prime suspect, and, unbeknown to most, was actually responsible for the fatal crime.

While Vanessa is growing increasingly suspicious of Pierce and Rhona’s friendship, clocking the easy intimacy which has sprung up between them, Pierce is honing in on Vanessa, too. When he clocks Vanessa’s reaction to a photo of Kirin, he’s compelled to find out more. Desperate to know if she knows where her AWOL toyboy lover has gone, Pierce swipes her phone when she’s not looking!

Now that Gordon has been found dead in his prison cell, Aaron is filled with regret that he didn’t get to tell his paedophile dad, who abused him when he was little, what he thought of him. It’s down to Chas to tell Aaron and his younger half-sister Liv that their dad has left them a ton of money in his will.

It’s time for David to have chemotherapy, but when he bans Jacob from going with him for moral support, Tracy intervenes.