The Pilgrims visit the hot springs and public baths at Bagno Vignoni, before heading to the medieval city of Viterbo in the penultimate episode of the BBC2 travelogue: Pilgrimage: The Road to Rome

Our pilgrims are only a few days into their journey along the Via Francigena in Italy but they have already bonded as a group – a fact that they marvel at, considering all their different backgrounds and religions.

‘People’s personalities are really starting to come through,’ exclaims Stephen K Amos at one of their communal breakfasts.

‘Sorry about that,’ jokes Brendan Cole.

Pilgrimage: The Road to Rome

Greg Rutherford, Lesley Judd, Les Dennis, Dana Scallon, Brendan Cole, Mehreen Baig, Katie Brand, Stephen K Amos in Tuscany

But jokes aside, there’s some deep introspection going on, particularly for Stephen, whose twin sister died recently.

Meanwhile, former Olympic long-jump champion 
Greg Rutherford becomes emotional as 
he ponders life after his retirement from athletics aged 31.

It’s a refreshing change to see a group of celebrities unflinchingly debate life’s big questions.

TV Times rating: ****

Pilgrimage: The Road to Rome

Greg and Brendan in the thermal pool at Parco dei Mulini in Tuscany