Piper finds herself in hot water

Piper gets hold of a fake ID... and soon ends up wishing she hadn't!

Worried about the upcoming ladies’ night at the Back Lane Bar, Piper is thankful to get hold of a fake ID so she can see Tyler. However, her plan backfires when it turns out Elly’s having a night out on the town and catches Piper where she shouldn’t be! Will there be repercussions?

Meanwhile, Dee is becoming increasingly more invested in her relationship with Toadie. When Toadie and Sonya decide to spend some quality time together, will Dee go to desperate measures to sabotage their date?

David feels trapped by the choices he’s made, when an understanding Paige lets him off the hook from his commitment. Free from his promise to Paige, David visits Aaron and explains he’s ready to take the next step…