Will Piper forgive Terese?

Or will Piper break all ties with her mum?

Piper is struggling with the fact that Terese told the police about her and Tyler’s plan to run away. Terese and Piper are civil to each other, which Terese takes as a positive sign but, deep down, Piper can barely stand the sight of her mum, especially as Tyler continues to return Piper’s letters unopened. Later, Piper has an interview with Tim Collins, loses her cool and badmouths Terese…

Meanwhile, Ben returns from Oakey thinking about the offer Kirby has made him. He tells Elly about the offer and she tells Mark, whose attempts to convince Ben to stay ultimately backfire. Can Xanthe and Piper convince Ben to stay in Ramsay Street?

Also, Shane is keen to impress Sheila on his second shift at The Waterhole and challenges her to a bet on who can make the most money from tips. Will Shane be crowned winner or will Sheila leave him red-faced?