Piper gets a blast from the past!

Brodie turns up at the Willis’s and asks Brad if he would consider coaching him for the upcoming Olympics trial. The family reminds Brad of how volatile he can be, and only Piper seems supportive. Later, she bumps into him and their conversation reveals that he’s the mysterious ‘Chas’ – the boy who broke her heart in Canada.

Imogen tries to seduce Daniel at work to prove to herself they’re not in a rut, but he’s too busy. When Tyler suggests a spin on his bike, the two share a sexually charged moment.

Paul’s annoyed to discover Lassiters is hosting the official launch of Citizen of the Year, but Sonya explains she’ll be announcing the successful tender at the event. Paul wastes no time in poaching Lassiters’ chef, so Daniel is forced to ask Lauren to cater for the event. But when Sonya becomes queasy after eating too many egg salad sandwiches Lauren realises it’s food poisoning. What a disaster!