Piper is heartbroken

Piper struggles after hearing about Tyler's prison sentence

Piper is struggling to digest the news that Tyler has been sentenced to 20 years in prison. Terese does her best to support her daughter but she’s racked with guilt knowing that she helped the police track Tyler and Piper down. Will Piper feel her mum betrayed her? And what is next for Piper and Tyler’s relationship?

Meanwhile, Paul is furious that the new hospital wing will be named after Karl, due to Izzy’s generous donation. Karl is over the moon, but Susan isn’t happy as she is sure that Izzy has ulterior motives. Will Izzy come between Susan and Karl?

Elly and Amy are determined to keep their celibacy pact – but will one of the ladies break the pact on Valentine’s Day?

Also, Sheila is short staffed and both Clive and Rafael come to the rescue – but will Sheila regret letting the pair help her?