A devastated Piper is comforted by Terese after being dumped by Tyler. As Piper pours her heart out to her mum, she starts to wonder if it was Xanthe who called the police. Terese tries to convince Piper that Xanthe isn’t capable of doing something like that. However, when Piper confronts her best friend, will Xanthe take the fall for Terese?

Meanwhile, Toadie accompanies Stu on a farewell tour of Ramsay Street. They spot Ben working at the garage and Stu is stunned to discover that Ben is Drew and Libby’s son. Will Stu offer Ben some insight into what his dad was like? Meanwhile, Toadie makes a decision on what he should do with Andrea’s phone number…

Also, Jayden is driving Amy nuts! He isn’t good at his job. so she decides to take Elly’s advice and make his life a misery so that he quits. However, will Elly’s advice have consequences for Amy?