Is Piper leaving town?

Will some surprising news force Piper to pack her bags?

Piper is left stunned when she receives the good news that she’s been accepted into her first choice of university. The bad news, however, is that the university is in Queensland. Terese is upset at first, but then thinks Piper should leave Ramsay Street to forget Tyler. Meanwhile, Tyler also agrees that Piper should accept the offer. Will Piper take their advice?

Meanwhile, David surprises Aaron with a romantic takeaway, but he finds Aaron rehearsing with Rory for the upcoming Rough Trade audition. David refuses to tell Aaron he’s jealous, so Elly speaks to Aaron and tells him David is starting to feel jealous.

With that, Aaron decides it’s time to put David first and organises a brunch date but then cancels when Rory calls. David is livid but things between David and Aaron become even more strained when David finds out that Rory and Aaron were together in Paris…

After his punch up with Jack, Mark is determined to resolve things. The pair talk and Jack says his anger towards Mark comes from feeling threatened that Mark will take his place in baby Gabe’s life.