Piper makes progress

With some help from big sister Paige, Piper moves on with her life

Piper decides it’s time to face her fears head on and goes to the boat with Paige by her side. At first, Piper is scared but, with gentle encouragement from Paige, Piper makes her way onto the boat. As the sisters sit on board, Piper struggles to understand why Louise locked her up and didn’t help her when she fell overboard. Finally, the pair decide to leave and they encounter a fisherman who has a vital piece of information about Hamish’s death.

Meanwhile, David is shocked to find out that Paul purchased the penthouse next door and that he was behind his and Leo’s eviction! Paul defends himself explaining he just wants them to live together as a family. David explains to Leo that he has agreed to live with Aaron, but Leo says that David has always wanted to be part of a big family. When David sees his family altogether at Christmas he decides to live with them – but how will Aaron take the news?

Also, Karl and Susan are competing for the Liveability funds – but whose project will get the funding?