Neighbours spoilers: Piper needs help

Can loved ones encourage Piper to get the help she needs?

Aaron is concerned by Piper’s actions and attachment to Tyler’s old chair. Aaron suggests they donate the chair to the campaign for Karl’s MRI screening project, but Mark doesn’t think it’s a good idea. How will Piper react when she finds out the chair has gone?

Karl continues to work on his MRI screening project with Toadie, Susan and Sheila and they push full steam ahead to start a grassroots campaign to fund the project. Karl is obsessed with making the campaign a success but Susan is worried about his health and the lack of spark in their relationship…

Also, David is shocked to find out that Monique is blackmailing Leo and tells Leo to make sure Monique isn’t testing him to ensure he is good enough for Mishti. Leo talks to Monique to clarify things but it is clear that Monique was serious about her demand. Will Leo regain the upper hand or will Monique tells Mishti everything she knows?