Piper sees Ryan and Terese flirting

Piper isn't happy that her mum has moved on

Piper finds her mum flirting with Ryan, despite their obvious age gap, and publicly humiliates her. But Piper’s mortified when Tyler witnesses her emotional outburst. He privately apologises to Terese for causing so much turmoil – will his honesty change her mind?

Gary’s delighted when Amy offers to tutor Xanthe. But when she can’t focus, he realises a professional tutor might have more luck. Meanwhile, Xanthe continues asking Gary to buy her formal dress but he insists any spare money will go toward her education. But where’s his spare money come from?

Aaron creates an online presence for the bike-path campaign and his initiative impresses Toadie and earns him a job offer. Meanwhile, Madison begins work as Terese’s assistant and she makes a discovery about Terese love life…