Piper takes drastic action

Piper's request has left Ben well and truly floored

Ben feels torn over Piper’s request that he change his police statement about Tyler. Ben explains to Xanthe that he’s considering changing his original statement to the police, so they believe Tyler acted in self-defense. Xanthe is livid when she hears Piper’s suggestion and sets off to tell Piper that what she’s asking of Ben is out of line. Will Piper re-consider her request and will Ben change his statement?

Meanwhile, Jimmy feels guilty over Shane’s accident and is desperate to make it up to Kirsha and make life easier for her. Jimmy decides to buy her a smart watch where she can send text messages via speaking into the watch. The only problem is he can’t afford it and when Paul refuses to give him the money, he takes Tia’s advice, which threatens to backfire horrendously….

Also, Sheila is determined to win Clive back. So when Paul announces that Clive will be running the project to build the new hospital wing, Sheila jumps at the chance to be a volunteer. She secures the role of Community Liaison Officer and uses the opportunity to flirt with Clive – but will he appreciate her efforts?