Piper unearths a new suspect

Piper starts to doubt Paul’s responsible for the Lassiters blast and her initial suspicions of Brodie resurface. After Terese reveals she and Brodie had an argument on the day of the explosion, Piper’s suspicions grow and she messages him… and is stunned when he shows up in person the next morning.

Piper suspects Ned is right – something is going on between Terese and Brad. However, Lauren defends Brad – he and Terese have just lost a child, they’re grieving. Later, Lauren catches a glimpse of Ned in the nude and it’s a charged moment for both of them until Lauren breaks their intense gaze.

Walter answers all of Sonya’s questions honestly, genuinely wanting to be a part of her life. But with so much on her plate – sick Nell, a community fundraiser, her job as Mayor, the nursery – Sonya asks him to leave. Walter accepts this decision, but a mysterious phone call with ‘Roxanne’ reveals that, even though he’s been open with Sonya, he’s still hiding something…