Piper’s back!

Piper spends her first day in Erinsborough reconnecting with her family and trying to understand what’s happening with her parents’ marriage. Piper’s especially curious to meet Lauren, the woman who has caused her parents to split up. Instead, she meets her half-sister, Paige, and they get along well but it’s a random encounter with a stranger that makes Piper think that coming back home just might be okay after all.

Nate and Aaron are on a high from their successful first date, but when “The Heat” performs at The Waterhole for a hen party, Nate sees a very different side of Aaron, and wonders if he’s made a mistake.

Toadie is keen to get back to work and his first client is Lauren, seeking legal redress for Terese cancelling the Harold’s renovations. Wanting to save her mother from any further embarrassment, Imogen tips Terese off, hoping she’ll sort things out with Lauren before the case goes any further, but Terese thinks there’s another way to handle the case.  Unfortunately, it involves Imogen compromising her professional values.