Piper’s smitten with Tyler

Tyler brings Josh home after finding him weak from over-exercising to try and forget about Amber and Matilda leaving. Meanwhile, worried that Tyler is a bad influence on Piper, Terese tells him to stay away, unaware that she’s hiding behind his couch. After she leaves, Piper expresses her outrage, and as she watches Tyler, it’s clear she’s smitten.

When Bossy suddenly starts acting aggressively, the vet does some tests. Kyle starts to worry about the cost of fixing him, but Amy says she’ll chip in, reminding Kyle that they support each other and will fight this thing together.

Daniel arrives back in Erinsborough and Nate unintentionally misleads Imogen by suggesting Daniel wants to get back together with her. But just as Imogen is ready to take him back, he explains what he really wants right now is her friendship. Daniel’s done with idealism, he wants a career, and to find his own place in the real world.