Pippa is devastated to learn that she’s dying, while VJ and Jett are racked with guilt. Sally tells Pippa about the clinic and offers her hope. Pippa admits to Alf that she is really frightened about what could happen. Alf tells her he’s scared too, and Pippa feels less alone.

Jett and VJ apologise to Pippa and tell her to come to them whenever she needs them. Elsewhere, Sally fears Pippa will see her as a liar, as she can’t possibly keep her promises.

Bianca is angry with Heath as she now has to go to the Principal’s dinner alone. Heath thinks that’s what she wanted all along – he’d only embarrass her! Bianca’s further incensed by this. Heath feels ashamed for not supporting her, revealing his insecurities. Bianca dreads going alone. Zac becomes her knight in shining armour by accompanying her, and the pair have a wonderful night. Elsewhere, Heath realises he’s been a fool and decides to show up at the dinner. But when he arrives he sees Bianca and Zac enjoying themselves and slips out without either of them noticing.

Meanwhile, Marilyn attempts to convince Irene to hire John, who’s in financial strife.