Pippa’s excited about starting school

Pippa’s keen on starting school, but Sally’s preparing to tell her about her illness. Irene suggests Sally use this time before going to the States to give Pippa an idyllic childhood in Summer Bay. So Sally signs Pippa up at Summer Bay High, and reveals her condition to Bianca. Roo and Alf ask Sally if she really needs to tell Pippa, and she’s unsure. She decides to keep the truth from Pippa until they have enough money to get her to the States.

Maddy’s a little too invested in how Spencer’s dealing with his break-up with Sasha. She wants them to be friends again, but Spencer rebuffs her. Roo counsels Maddy that Spencer’s taking his pain out on those closest to him, and that means Maddy. Spencer’s left confused about his relationships with Maddy and Sasha but after Harvey advises him that he might need a friend, Spencer forgives Maddy.

Kyle’s devastated that Tamara kept her memory returning from him, but is relieved she has not remembered anything about him or Casey yet.

Kyle’s worried that her memories about the desert will spell the end of their relationship. Tamara’s upset that Kyle thinks she would leave him – she’s chosen him and not Casey.