The Section D team mourn the tragic death of colleague Ros Myers, who was killed in an explosion while trying to save the British Home Secretary. Section Chief Harry Pearce is the most affected by the loss and he’s dismayed to learn that a trusted friend has blood on their hands, leading him to seek revenge at whatever cost.

Later, Lucas North boards a ship in Tangier to track Somalian Al-Qaeda member, Abib. Alongside Lucas is Special Boat Service (SBS) agent Dimitri Levendes, who is undercover as the ship’s captain. Lucas’s life is thrust into danger when what appear to be Somali pirates interrupt the ship.

Surprisingly he is saved by an Eastern European prostitute, later discovered to be undercover mercenary Beth Bailey, also sent to track Abib. The pirates turn out to be an Al-Qaeda cell who have smuggled explosives onboard and are headed for the UK.

After escaping the ship and returning to London, Lucas and the rest of Section D concentrate on stopping the floating bomb, with unexpected help from Beth. Harry is unsure if she can be trusted, but as times ticks away the team is left with no other choice. Harry is forced into taking drastic action to prevent a terrorist attack that could hit the Houses of Parliament.

Also, Lucas is shocked when an unwelcome ghost visits him from his past.