A rollicking comedy adventure from Aardman Studios that’s teeming with visual invention and quirky fun and with a great vocal cast led by Hugh Grant.

Grant’s Pirate Captain leads a spectacularly useless bunch of cutthroats whose inability to amass any booty has stymied his long-held dream of of winning the Pirate of the Year award.

Then they capture ocean-going young naturalist Charles Darwin (David Tennant), who points out that the ship’s beloved parrot is in fact the planet’s last surviving dodo.

This might turn their fortunes around, if they can bamboozle London’s scientific elite and get the best of pirate-hating Queen Victoria (Imelda Staunton).

As the pirates sail through one outlandish scrape after another, there’s a treasure trove of gags to enjoy.

Everyone should find something to chuckle over. Kids will love the giddy slapstick, while adults will cherish the wilful anachronisms, including a nice line in evolution jokes.