The Platts discover Leanne’s pregnant in Corrie

Tracy blurts out Leanne's pregnancy secret in front of the Platts

Nick assures Leanne he wants to be a dad to Simon and reckons they should pretend the baby is his. When Nick tells the Platts that he and Leanne are back together and she and Simon will be moving in with him, how will Gail react? Meanwhile, Tracy asks Leanne when the baby’s due!

Worried that Gary’s about to reveal her health problems, Bethany shoves the envelope containing her exam results at Sarah, and warns her that she’s done really badly.

Aidan apologises to Maria for his recent behaviour, suggesting they just act normal around each other. Maria reluctantly attends a gym class with Kate and Sophie and when Eva joins, she does her best to mask her discomfort.

Vinny realises Phelan plans to screw the money out of Eileen. As Eileen arrives back from Thailand, Phelan ushers Vinny out of the door. Max asks Michael to help him find Kylie’s favourite pebble in the garden.