Washed up ex-football star Gerard Butler coaches his estranged son Noah Lomax’s hapless soccer team.

While the local mums (Judy Greer, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Uma Thurman) lust after him, he still has a soft spot for ex-wife Jessica Biel.

This is a likeable, if uneven, romantic comedy that’s part heart-warming drama and part screwball farce.

Helped, perhaps, by the fact that he’s using his native Scottish accent for a change, Butler’s effortless, rumpled charm carries this game of two halves, whether he’s striving to get closer to the neglected Lomax or getting into scrapes with Greer’s weepy divorcee, Zeta-Jones’ slinky ex-sportscaster and Thurman’s flighty trophy wife of Dennis Quaid’s slithery businessman.