Please choose me, Laurel!

Marlon has tried so hard to let Laurel go. Every time he sees her with Ashley his heart breaks a little bit more and he has hidden out in The Woolpack kitchen as much as he can to try to spare himself the pain and Laurel the embarrassment. But Marlon’s not the kind of man who can deny his love and all this talk about Laurel and Ashley renewing their vows is too much torment for his soul. He gets Laurel alone and shocks her with his honesty, letting his pain pour out as he tells her he can’t bear the thought of her dedicating her life to Ashley.

Charity and Jai are honest with each other, too, revealing the truth about the night Cain was attacked… Charity admits she wishes Cain was dead, but she didn’t attack him; she found him on the side of the road and thought Jai had done it. Jai didn’t do it, he says. But he did tamper with the brakes on Cain’s car then panicked and paid someone to get rid of the evidence.

What everyone needs is for Cain to wake up and reveal what happened.

*Second episode*

Cain finally starts to show signs of life and the Dingles rush to his bedside, but Zak isn’t as happy as Aaron, Debbie and Chas. He can’t forgive his son for hitting him a few weeks ago and says things will never be the same between them. But would Zak have attacked Cain because of that? Or because of what Cain did to Amy? Chas asks a groggy Cain if he knows who brained him and he nods…

Laurel has something to reveal to Nicola: she had an affair of the heart – but not the body – with Marlon! Laurel’s in tears and Nicola’s in shock. Goody two-shoes Laurel, the vicar’s wife, is in love with another man! Well, there’s only one thing to do in Nicola’s mind: Laurel shouldn’t stay with Ashley out of loyalty if she loves Marlon. Laurel should leave Ashley.

There’s turmoil in the Val-Pollard-Amy family unit, too, as Val wants to see Amy’s baby – but Amy doesn’t.