Please stay, Mum!

Does charity begin at home? It does for Debbie where her mum is concerned. She’ll do anything to keep Charity and Noah in Emmerdale… She’s offered her money and a place to live and desperately wants them to be a family. But that’s not enough for this self-centred Dingle. Charity is still very much taking care of Number One (with Noah usually an after thought) and Debbie discovers she’s been to see a solicitor to find out if she can get her hands on Michael’s money. Ah, so that’s why she was marrying him! Obvious, really. Is she going to take the money and run?

The vicarage is another household in turmoil, thanks to that Sally. She’s got Ashley believing her husband, Vincent, is a nasty piece of work but Laurel overhears her on the phone treating him pretty badly. So, who’s really the victim in that marriage? Laurel confronts Sally, who comes over all coy. But, later, she puts on a different face for Ashley… Is Laurel right to be suspicious?

Definitely not acting like a victim any more is Chas. She’s back to her bold, brassy self and looking for work. Can she sweet-talk Jai into giving her a job at the factory?

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