Max is desperate to get back together with Tanya and he asks Jack to help him put his case to her but Jack is evasive. Max confronts Tanya and begs her to let him move back in so he can prove to her that he’s changed. Tanya stands her ground but she softens when he gently cradles Oscar. Jack calls Tanya and tells her to admit their affair to Max but Tanya is torn.

Stacey is worried when Ted turns up in the Square to apologise for missing his date with Jean and Stacey insists on going with Jean when she agrees to go for a drink with him. Later, Dot and Jean talk about Bradley and Stacey and suspect they still have feelings for each other. Dot sets them up by sending them over to her house to check for fire damage and locking them in to make them talk!

Bianca goes to Fargo’s to pay off the bill for the meal and retrieve Pat’s rings but she’s surprised to discover that the bill has already been settled. Bianca gives Pat her rings back and thanks her for paying the bill but she’s mystified when Pat insists that it wasn’t her.

Also, Ian is impressed by Zainab’s cooking.

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