FBI agent Keanu Reeves infiltrates Patrick Swayze’s gang of bank-robbing surfers and is seduced by his new supercharged lifestyle.

The story veers from the inane to the insane, but that hardly matters, because the main aim here is simply to keep moving.

The long chase sequence and the dizzy sky-diving stunts in particular are both breathless and breathtaking and, throughout, director Kathryn Bigelow takes absolutely no prisoners in her pursuit of thrills and spills.

The result is a hugely enjoyable buddy movie with a good line in tongue-in-cheek humour at the expense of Swayze’s frazzled hairstyle and self-important way with words, while Gary Busey, as Reeves’ FBI partner, and Lori Petty, as the girl who teaches him to surf, provide drily amusing support.