Poker night in Albert Square

Ronnie sets up a poker game with Jack and invites some of the Albert Square residents to the game. Ronnie comes up with a plan to get Peggy out of the Vic for the night and the game begins and Jack soon has the upper hand. Roxy worries that Ronnie is about to lose all their money but Ronnie soon works out that Jack is cheating. Ronnie tells Jack she wants to raise the game and she bets Peggy’s debt money. Peggy arrives home and she’s horrified by what is going on. But Ronnie gets one over on Jack and surprises him by winning the lot!

Shabnam has had enough of working at the post office and she plucks up the courage to tell Zainab that she wants to leave. Zainab thinks that Shabnam just needs some extra stimulation and she encourages her to join up for an evening class. A weary Shabnam goes along with Zainab’s instructions. But what is she hiding?

Jean worries about a strung out Sean whose nerves are on edge. Jean tricks Sean into coming home and she tries to get him to open up. But Sean is not in the mood for Jean’s pleas and he pushes Jean away.

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