In Poldark this week, Sam’s out to impress Emma by fighting for her – quite literally with big Tom.

Having been granted a dramatic stay of execution last week, Sam Carne (Tom York) 
is keen to move on with his life.

But, Sam being Sam, it’s not long before he finds himself in another scrape.

This time he risks life and limb fighting George Warleggan’s hefty henchman Tom Harry (twice his size!) in a Cornish wrestling match to win the affection of his love interest Emma Tregirls (Ciara Charteris).

But can he come through it unscathed?

Poldark S4 - EP2. Demelza

Demelza’s attention is diverted

Of course, this being Poldark, Sam and Emma’s affair isn’t the only bubbling on-off romance – as Hugh’s health worsens, he summons Demelza to his bedside and attempts to woo her with poetry, which causes yet more friction in the Poldark marriage…

TV Times rating: *****