Hold on to your tricorn hats as series four bows out with a tense episode that will change life for Ross and co for ever…

After last week’s explosive battle with Monk Adderley 
in London, Ross returns to Cornwall, desperate to make amends with Demelza – but can they patch things up?

Poldark S4 - EP6 shows Elizabeth (Heida Reed)

Elizabeth tries to induce her baby early…

Meanwhile, George is being seriously frosty towards Elizabeth (Heida Reed) after Geoffrey Charles’ comment about Valentine looking like their Uncle Ross. Panicked, Elizabeth obtains a tonic to induce early labour in an attempt to convince George that she habitually gives birth pre-term…

TV Times catches up with Debbie Horsfield on set to get more on the Elizabeth storyline…

‘Elizabeth is a contentious character, she says. ‘Winston Graham [who wrote the Poldark novels] describes her story as “the tragedy of a woman who couldn’t make up her mind”.

‘Very much a woman of her time, bred 
to make a good marriage but with very little power of her own, she’s a survivor who will do what needs to be done, especially on behalf of her children. It’s because of her love 
for her children that she makes a decision that will change the lives of everyone forever,’ Debbie reveals.

Poldark S4 - EP8 - Morwenna

Will Morwenna and Drake get their happy ever after?

Elsewhere, Morwenna seeks out Drake (pictured, top with Demelza) – is a happy ending on 
the cards?

Roll on series five!

TV Times rating: *****