The police have bad news for Robert Preston

Robert Preston is gutted when the police tell him Rich didn’t abduct Michelle.

Michelle’s not returned home and, worried sick, Robert Preston leaves a message on her phone begging her to get in touch. Robert’s convinced Rich is behind it but the police break the news to Robert that Rich has an alibi meaning he couldn’t have abducted Michelle.

Hungover Leanne remembers with horror that Steve proposed to her. When Steve admits he likes Leanne and reckons they could make it work, Liz encourages him to buy a ring and propose properly, leaving Amy shocked.

Telling Sarah he’s booked a viewing on a flat and he’ll meet her there at 5pm, Gary heads off to a new job. Sarah warns him to be careful as he’s had a couple of drinks.

Kate’s unimpressed that Luke tried it on with Alya. Todd and Adam open up their new solicitor’s’ office and Rosie begs them to consider her for the role of PA.