A police officer breaks the news to Sarah that they haven’t enough evidence to press charges against Nathan.

Eva and Leanne persuade Aidan to hand over his credit card and return from a shopping trip with a surprise purchase for him…

In the Rovers, Johnny laments to Liz how much he misses Jenny. Liz invites him through to the back. Misreading the situation, Gemma tells Jenny that Johnny’s been cheating on her with Liz. Jenny marches into the Rovers and confronts Johnny and Liz. Will Johnny come clean?

Handing Adam his signed contract, Todd suggests he should take on Summer’s case. Pointing out she’s only a child, Adam’s only too happy to pass the buck. When Summer calls at the solicitors, she’s put out to find her meeting is with Todd, but can he make a breakthrough with Summer?

Dev invites Kevin and Anna for dinner. When Anna gets cold feet and refuses to go for dinner at Dev and Erica’s, Kevin’s annoyed and sets off by himself.