The police call at No.4, sit down with Tim Metcalfe and Sophie and explain to them that without an actual confession from Duncan, Sally will remain where she is. Tim is furious and things go from bad to worse when he later takes a call from the prison telling him Sally’s been beaten up and when he speaks to her himself it’s clear she’s at the end of her tether. Will he he forced to step up his campaign against Duncan to get him to confess and free Sally?

Coronation Street spoilers: The police have bad news for Tim Metcalfe

Audrey and Claudia hurl insults at each other and Claudia denies knowing anything about the £80k. Later, when Claudia is at Ken’s, Audrey swoops in to warn him about her. Having returned to No.8, Nick tries to talk Audrey out of reporting Claudia to the police but she ignores his advice and reports Claudia to the police. But has she got the wrong woman?

As Johnny and Jenny are about to head home, a police car pulls up next to them…

Cathy and Rita persuade Brian to give the Kabin job a go. But will things run smoothly or is Brian ill-suited to the job?

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