Police bring a truanting Liam home

Bianca manages the general chaos at home, worrying about a visit from the probation officer. After a successful first day on the stall, the meeting with the probation officer goes smoothly and Bianca is feeling great. But her happiness is short-lived when the police bring Liam home for truanting. Bianca learns she could be fined or sent to jail if Liam truants again.

Roxy is put out when she discovers that Alfie gave Kat a loan to start up her stall. Trying to placate Roxy, Alfie explains that he couldn’t let Kat starve. Kat has a great first day on the stall. Back at home it’s a different matter as a lonely Kat is stuck home alone with Tommy. When Kat calls Alfie to say she thinks Tommy might have a temperature, Alfie realises she wants his company, but decides to play along anyway.

Kirsty heads to the Vic to ask for her job back. Astonished by Kirsty’s cheek, Roxy points out that she walked out, leaving them in the lurch. Trying to talk Roxy round does Kirsty no good and she’s frustrated when Roxy is immoveable. Later, Patrick advises Kirsty to play nice. When Kirsty makes a heartfelt apology to Roxy, it works, and Roxy agrees to take her on again.