Police hunt for baby Charlotte

Pcs Roger Valentine, Nate Roberts and Leon Taylor get on the case when a distressed nanny, Anna Georgiou, reports that the baby she’s been looking after, Charlotte Wainwright, has gone missing. Family Liaison Officer Pc Tony Stamp and DI Samantha Nixon break the news to Charlotte’s parents, Clare and Tom, when they return home and Tony questions them about their own whereabouts.

Clare and Tom tell Tony they stayed in a hotel the previous night after attending a party and when Tony asks if they can think of anyone who might want to take their baby, Clare recalls David Edmonds, a plumber who worked for them who kept talking about IVF. David and wife Joss insist they have nothing to do with Charlotte’s disappearance – but officers are disturbed by baby clothes and toys in the house.

When it’s discovered that Anna’s boyfriend, Simon Baxter, had been at the Wainwright’s house the night before and stolen goods are found in the boot, Simon is arrested for Charlotte’s kidnap and burglary. At Sun Hill, Anna admits that she left Charlotte alone for an hour while she went looking for Simon but swears the baby was asleep when she left.

But with Simon insisting he hasn’t kidnapped Charlotte, frustrated officers analyse his mobile phone to trace where he was the night before – and they’re shocked by what they discover…